Our Story


johnei & jo is a lifestyle store that stocks an eclectic mix of carefully curated goods alongside our very own handcrafted one of a kind treasures. We are currently in pursuit of the perfect space after closing our doors in Palm Beach, Queensland. In the meantime you can find us online and in our workshop on open days.


Here at johnei & jo we stock a collection of pieces out of the ordinary from homewares, giftwares, children's treasures, books and stationary, to vintage finds and up-cycled creations, literally something for everyone and every space. We love gorgeous materials, creative ideas applied to everyday objects, ethically and environmentally conscious designs, and locally made small batch creations and just wanted to create a platform to share them with everyone. 

When we designed our store we wanted to create a space where people could feel at home surrounded by the aesthetically pleasing, the colourful, the creative, and just a little of the humorous. A space where people could spend time enjoying the feel of the beautiful materials of our clothing and soft furnishings, turning the pages of books that inspire and entertain, sharing their own stories with friendly staff and reminiscing over vintage pieces. A space where people could feel at home amongst beautiful home furnishings and thought provoking artworks, where children could play and daydream and pets could have a drink of water. In all our years of experience shopping we think we have got window shopping down to an art and we wanted to share our talents with you.